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Even before the mankind marked its presence on this planet , nature was there to bless the atmospere with its magnificents hues. And to make sure the earth carries the same Magnificence for centuries to come , we contribute in protecting and nurturing our nature in each of our action

Firm Beliefs , Firm Promises

Plywood is striving ahead with strong principle to achieve its ebdeavour of establishing innovation at its best.We are dedicated to impart our promising skill set for all sorts of plywood requriments to bring an impact in the lives of people across the nation

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Plywood is made out of specially selected high density plantation wood produced by farmers.

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Block Boards are made out of chosen types of Timbers, which are chemically treated with VPT to keep assaults from insects.

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Flush Door

Flush Doors are known to be interior & exterior utility doors that has plain facings on every side of the door.

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